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i-XL Technologies

Founded in the year 2008, i-XL Technologies is a company which focuses on accelerating mobile solutions.

In a recent Nielsen report, it has been found that Indians use cellphones as their primary means of communication, connectivity and access to the internet. While less than a decade ago, the internet was the luxury of those who could afford laptops, modems and other expensive material, today, people carry the world of the internet upon their fingertips. It is therefore no surprise that the smartphone holds the reigns for the future. It is no leap of imagination either to assume that smartphones are as pivotal to the human race as were fire and the wheel to their times.

Foreseeing this phenomenon, our founding members, Chirag Jain M.Sc (Computer Science), MBA and Payal Jain M.Sc (Computer Science) established i-XL, a mobile solutions company, with the simple desire to “To achieve service eXcellence and eXceed in whatever we do.” Having kick started merely as a company which provided pure solutions, it has transformed into a strategic end to end partner for all mobile related requirements. Today, we can boast of having several years of experience in this very nascent industry.

Our services include creating applications for all smartphone and small handheld devices. Such devices include smartphones, tablets, iPads and so on. We provide:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Games
  • Mobile Site / Mobile Web Apps
  • HTML5
  • Facebook Apps

To give you a gist of how fast we have grown, take a look at how we have progressed in our size over the years. In 2008, at the very beginning, we had no employees at all. In 2009, we grew to have 5 employees. A year later, we doubled, making our employee team a group of 10. We were 15 by 2013 and today, 3 years from then and 8 years since our inception, we are a strong, enthusiastic, creative and talented team of 35. Our office too has moved into an expansive space where all 35 of us sit together and work in a consolidated manner to bring better and more creative solutions for every one of our clients.

Over the years, we have acquired several clients. To name a few, we have worked with HDFC LTD, Aspire Home Finance, PWC, Inmobi, Star India, Sony, Turner International, Roche, HFFC, India First, Goldmedal, CNBC Awaaz, 9XM, and Spectavr.

Apart from these big companies, we also extend our services to smaller businesses. As it is our motto to always experiment and innovate, we are keen on exploring phone-based solutions for everybody. Most recently, we have devoted a lot of efforts and man hours into creating apps such as our SalesOrderApp. This application gives an opportunity to small to medium businesses to make their presence felt in the smartphone-world within a day. It allows for businesses to display their products to their customers, also allowing them to place orders on the go.

The other field of passion and expertise possessed by us is creating gaming consoles. Most recently, we have created a gaming console using a mobile phone where one cellphone is the console and other cellphones become remote to play the game.

In conclusion, we would like to say that there can be no doubt that mobile phones are the future of the world. We therefore aim to provide mobile app related services to the world, helping every client who would be interested in partnering with us.

If eXcellence is what you want, i-XL is here for you.

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