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Enterprises have now started moving forward with Mobile first strategy, adopting Mobility as their primary IT platform to transform their business processes. They are migrating to the latest generation of smartphone and tablets. i-XL can allows companies to unlock the full potential of mobility. Graduating from email on mobile to business critical apps that can increase their competitiveness in the market and looking forward to identify new business models & user interactions that are possible only through mobile. We try to help businesses improve employee productivity, reduce process costs and extend marketing strategies to mobile devices. 

Enterprises mobility is no more restricted to email/exchange but are now focusing on mobility of their workforce and empowering it with mobile apps which can help them with quick response and faster decision making. No business today has the luxury of opting out of the mobile ecosystem. By 2016, more than one billion consumers and 350 million employees will have access to smartphones and tablets. 

Moreover, IT departments of all companies today are under increased pressure to embrace mobility in the workplace.

i-XL can provides a simple, fast, industrialised and controlled approach for implementing mobile solutions to companies of all sizes delivering tangible benefits by:

  • Efficiently create, deploy and operate mobile solutions using an ‘as a service’ model
  • Introduce highly scalable services – you can start small and grow over time
  • Wipe sensitive data from employee devices when their security has been compromised
  • Integrate mobile devices seamlessly into your back end systems - simply and effectively through standardised connectors
  • Significantly reduce the cost and complexity of mobile device application development and management

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