Mobile app development companies in Mumbai

If you look for mobile app development companies in Mumbai, you might find several. But none of them will offer services like we do. What makes us unique?

  • Creative Developers with Experience:
    Though it seems rather unbelievable, the truth is that the internet is a very young phenomenon. As recent as twenty years ago, the internet was barely more than the ability to send across a few one-liner emails. Today, however, technology has wiped us off our feet with the change it is brought into our lives. Add to this, the introduction of the smartphone- it is as if we are all entering and exploring virtual unexplored territory. This may sound unnerving, but rest assured, you are safe in our hands. Having had more than 8 years of experience in this nascent yet thriving industry, we offer you a combination of creativity rooted in rock-solid practical knowledge.
  • Our aim is your Success
    In our eight years of working and learning, we have grown and transformed, always willing to change with the coming times. We have changed our styles of work, our methodology, and so on. However, the only constant in our company has been the need to keep our final clients happy. Our final clients are not our direct clients, but their customers. Therefore, our goal is deeply enmeshed with your goal, and so we will leave no stone unturned to achieve it.
  • We will always be there for you
    For many companies, work ends once the product has been delivered. This is yet another ideology we disagree on with our contemporaries. In our opinion, the creation of the application is the commencement of a brand new and enriching relationship. From the very beginning, our institution has stood strong on the belief that we do not only provide services, but build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Once our initial contribution to your company has been complete, we strive to continue to be trusted advisors to our clients. This is especially necessary because we live in a world where progress in technology occurs literally every single day. It is important, therefore, to keep our clients always informed and abreast with the latest developments, so that you can integrate into new trends seamlessly.
  • Experienced in every operating system Smartphones today are manufactured by various companies. While a majority of them work on Android, there are also those which use Windows, some Blackberry and so on. All Apple products use the iOS. We are proud to announce to you that there is no operating system amongst these in which we do not possess an expertise far more advanced than our contemporaries. We can provide service in:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

We will therefore help you to reach out to as many customers as possible through your application.

iPad app development companies in Mumbai

While a lot of people are comfortable using only their mobiles, there are also many who prefer larger screens to work on. For your customers who fall into this category, we provide applications on other devices as well.

As leaders, we are also amongst the best iPad app development companies in Mumbai. Over the years, we have gained tremendous knowledge and an extensive scope of experience in building applications geared towards iPad users. Today, we feel confident to release any application at the Apple iTunes store, regardless of the complexity of the applications and the version of the iPad. We can guarantee that no other company will offer you the expertise, the dedication, the quality of work and the price we have to offer. As long as you are in our care, we promise to take you along with us on this journey where you will experience growth like never before.

In conclusion, we would like to pose a few questions to you. When was the last time you used an alarm clock? A PCO? A watch which was not a style-statement but a mere device to tell you the time? For at least two out of three of these questions, your answer is probably í don’t remember.’ In an article published in the year 2010, professor Y R L Moorthy from IIM Bangalore pointed out that in today’s world, businesses need to brace themselves from threats emerging not only from direct competitors, but also from completely different industries. For example, the alarm clock industry got wiped out not by clocks or watches, but by phones. Who would ever think that the importance of an entire supermarket could be undermined by a computer?

The fact of the matter is that today we live in a constantly changing world. As one wise person said, we are literally living in the future. While this may sound exciting, it is a difficult time to keep a business running steadily.

So, the question is, are you ready to embrace the future of business? If yes, you have come to the right place. At i-XL Technologies, we are here to ensure that you become ready for the present as well as the future to come! How, you ask? By being the best at what we do!

When was the last time you heard the phrase ‘hey, there’s an app for that!’? Probably, not that long. Because today, there is literally an app for EVERYTHING! Be it the news on the stock market or a reminder to take your medication, or watching movies on the go, there is an application for that! The smartphone today provides assistance for every conceivable human function, ranging from communication to entertainment, to technical help. And for this very reason, it is the most essential part of a business today. Any business which is not present in the application world is most likely to be rendered redundant. Therefore, creating a smartphone enabled application is a must for you!