Mobile Porting and Testing Solution
Mobile Porting and Testing Solution

Porting mobile games to a sizable number of mobile phones has become a blockade for any developer to succeed globally. Unlike the other gaming devices, in mobile gaming there are around 3000+ devices that support J2ME. Porting to a good number of devices is a must for developers to reach global audience.

We at i-XL aim to partner with Mobile Game Developers / Publishers who want to concentrate on game development and seek cooperation for porting for a vast range of devices. i-XL’s competency and expertise can provide cost and quality effective porting solutions. We understand the pressing needs of our clients for timely launch of the mobile games. Our efficient processes and methodology ensure that our porting procedures provide our customers faster time to market their games and applications.

We have dedicated streamlined processes; to port distinct builds for different devices, at our development center. We use a structured porting framework to make our porting process most effective.

Our Porting Methodology

i-XL Technologies Porting Methodology img

Device Porting
i-XL’s core competency is in porting applications and games to multiple handsets. We are capable of developing applications using J2ME MIDP 1.0, MIDP2.0 and MIDP 2.1. Our Team has 500+ man hours working experience in porting application and games to various J2ME handsets covering all major mobile handsets manufacturers.

Nokia | Motorola | Samsung | Sony Ericsson | LG Reliance | Blackberry | iPhone

Cross Platform

To increase the reach of your target market it is important to cover maximum handsets for your games and application. i-XL provides crosss platform porting solutions for J2ME / Symbian / Brew / iPhone / Blackberry.

>> J2ME to Brew / BlackBerry / iPhone / Symbian
>> Brew to J2ME / BlackBerry / iPhone / Symbian
>> Symbian to Blackberry / iPhone / J2ME / Brew
>> BlackBerry to iPhone / J2ME / Brew / Symbian
>> iPhone to BlackBerry J2ME / BREW / Symbian

Device Testing
We have invested in many devices at our development centre using which we can assist you with exhaustive testing of J2ME games and applications on these live devices.

Porting and Testing Business Benefits

  • Increase speed to market, sales and maximize your ROI
  • Free your in-house resources to focus on new products and services
  • Faster rollouts of games, thus greatly reducing cost and enhancing productivity, accuracy and profitability.
Tools & Technology

J2ME Wireless Toolkit(s) from Sun, Eclipse IDE, Netbeans IDE. Midp1.0/2.0/2.1, CLDC 1.0/1.1
Mobile Handsets
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