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Create memorable user experiences through interactive, engaging and media-rich Facebook Application.

How to leverage the Facebook platform?

A custom developed Facebook application can allow your users to create quizzes, participate in trivia, send gifts, role-play, run a fantasy sports league, rate stuff, find true love, or simply blow things up. It's all within your reach.

Whether you have an existing idea, which you would like transformed into reality, or have goals you would like to meet via a social media application, we are the right people for the job.

i-XL not only will we work closely with you during the entire process, we will help you identify areas where your application concept could be improved by leveraging social media behavior commonly found amongst users.


Facebook Application

1.       Share Stories             

  • One of the great advantages of creating a Facebook app is the ability to share the experience with your friends. A story sharing app encourages people to post their favorite experience based on a particular topic, theme, brand or product and allow others to engage in discussion on the story.

  • 2.       Quiz/ Trivia                 

  • Focusing on one of the most basic forms of human interaction, Q&A, quiz and trivia application (usually based around a theme) are amongst the most popular genre of applications. They are known for being simple, fun for all ages and extremely viral.

  • 3.       Contest                     

  • People are competitive in nature and this is a trait that does not change. By engaging your users in a contest where they must compete against one another to win prizes, you can spark their interest and get a very high amount of engagement coupled with viral growth.

  • 4.       Marketplace          

  • F-commerce is the new buzzword with a lot of companies taking their online commerce to Facebook. By integrating a social element into buying and selling on Facebook, you instill a layer of comfort and assurance for the user that was previously not available.

  • 5.       Flash Games          

  • Media-rich by nature, Flash Games are at the top of the food chain when it comes to building highly interactive and deeply engaging games. Combining animations with fast transitions between pages, Flash provides one of the best user experiences to date.

  • 6.       Gifting                     

  • Virtual gifting is wildly popular due to its brilliant underlying theme. The act of giving gifts to people we care about is an age-old tradition. Bringing it to the virtual world was a no-brainer. With customized gifts and messages, these applications can be branded to fit whatever theme required.

  • 7.       Voting

  • Applications that promote engagement by asking people for their opinions and voting for their favorites from a list of options tend to be extremely viral as they promote sharing in hopes to garner additional votes.

  • 8.       Customized

  • Unique ideas are created every day and due to the Facebook platform’s robust nature, just about anything is possible. Tell us your idea and we’ll help you build it from scratch.
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