Online Games Development
Online Games Development

We specialize in creating online games, multiplayer games, and educational games that can drastically increase traffic to your website or help convey information in an entertaining manner. With profound experience of designing and creating Flash®-based games, our clients can have confidence in the quality and performance of our work.

Online games are an effective medium for brand promotion and sustenance. A high rate of involvement while playing on-line games helps the brand enjoy better proximity with the player, thereby gaining a mind share.

Research has established that making the brand a part of a game play or advertising in online games can achieve upto 60% increase in awareness for a new product. And also that in-game animated ads achieve twice the recall of static billboards.

Educational Games

Online games are efficient educational tools. The increasing interest in 'pleasurable learning' proves that games could be a good solution in educating through delightful means. i-XL takes conscious efforts to design customized online games that optimize brand impression, and also to evolve tactical educational games that are functional by nature.

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