We believe in a collaborative process. Our clients are involved in the process each step of the way. It is imperative that all concepts, wireframes and designs have our client's seal of approval. During the development cycle, we are constantly in communication via our project management tool and the client is right there with us, watching milestones get checked off.
Through phone calls, e-mails, video conferencing and screen sharing, we engage in discussions that would help define a clear picture of the project. We basically want to know what it would take for you to come back to us after the project has gone live, and say "Guys, THIS was a HUGE success!". Then we figure out how to get there, and beyond.
Time to map the project's trajectory. This includes deliverables such as the project plan, milestone document and functional specifications so that we know exactly what features are to be developed, when each one should be tackled and what metrics need to be tracked to ensure the overall success of the project.
Here we establish not only the look & feel of the project, but also the user experience. We create mock-ups and send them over for feedback, based on which we tweak the designs further. This ensure that the client is an active participant in dictating the application's outlook from an early stage to avoid disconnects between their original vision and the final product.
Time to put it all together. Utilizing all the knowledge we have gained from the previous phases, we develop the back-end infrastructure, the front-end functionality and the admin panel. During the development process, we provide regular updates along with a URL or APK to our sandbox development environment with the latest available build.
We test across all major smart phones and featured phones as well as on Tablets and iPads platforms, be it : Android, iOS, Java, Blackberry, Windows. You name the technology and we can provide the solution for the same. We test for speed and scale in order to ensure that your application can support a massive surge of traffic without compromising the user experience.
Once the application is done, tested, and approved, we are ready to go live! The application is hosted on one of our many high performance servers. Once it has been transferred to the production server, we provide step by step instructions via e-mail on how to install the application to your site, how to access the admin panel and the steps for the analytics.
After the app has been deployed, we are still with you! We provide 30 days of maintenance, free of charge. We squash any bugs that may arise as well as monitor the server traffic to ensure everything is running smoothly. After the 30 day period, if you wish to keep us on-board for any other maintenance related activity, we are happy to offer our services at a very reasonable rate.
Once the application goes live, we will help you track all the relevant metrics and provide you with weekly reports to let you know how your application is doing. We have our own in-house custom developed proprietary tracking tool that hooks into your application's desired metrics and creates the best analytics experience any application admin could ever hope to achieve. You simply have to see it to believe it.
Once you have the chance to analyze your project's data, you get a clear picture of how to take it to the next level. That's what we're here for. We will help you iterate over your past projects, leverage the data you acquired and create future applications that will further enhance your existing strategy and move to venture down newer paths to further enhance your reach.