Courier Management Solution

Optimize cost by managing and tracking loan files and important documents flowing from branches to head office and vice versa

GoCollect App Solution
  • Keep track of important document

    Keep track of the loans files & important documents (like cheques, reports, proofs, etc.) flowing amongst various departments

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Smarter Analytics
  • Reconcile courier charges with the vendors

    No ambiguity while reconciling vendor invoices. Difficult for vendor to knowingly / unknowingly over invoice or double invoice

  • Send documents in one single package

    Our solution helps you to send courier in one single package rather than sending it into multiple package which sometimes becomes difficult for courier department to keep track of each record.

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Courier Management Benefits

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Improve turnaround time of file movements

Know if the package is received to the right person in the department

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Optimize cost

Avoid double invoicing of courier charges by vendors

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