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Web portal and Mobile App to manage your customers with complete visibility for Pre disbursement tracking and Post disbursement loan account related information

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Manage your customers with complete visibility, collaborate behind the scenes to engage the customer from on-boarding through repayment

  • Allow prospective customer to track their loan application with personalised notification

    Engage your prospective customer by allowing them to track the stage of their loan application, with proper documentation process. Notify them with regular updates & personalised notification

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  • Calculate EMI & Eligibility in real-time

    Discover the most convenient way to calculate EMI & Eligibility of your prospective customer with user friendly calculator.

  • Educate customer with Up to date Account summary & disbursement details

    Now customer can check their Account Details on the go anytime, anywhere & can view compressive details of the amount disbursed against their loan.

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  • Collect EMI online through various payment option with repayment scheduler

    Allow your customer to pay their EMI online via multiple payment option (QR Code, Credit card)

  • Give your customer legal knowledge of their Tax certificate & Insurance policies

    Provide tax certificate to your customer with the account summary & suggest insurance policies to recover EMI seamlessly.

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Customer Solutions Benefits

Monitor your on field officers daily routine & activities performed

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Manage all your customer’s in one place

Credility connects as many customer’s as you need, so you can handle all your customer’s in one app

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Maintain a relationship with customer

Credility helps to engage with your prospective & existing customer through personalized service

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Build brand loyalty

Credility can help to improve your brand loyalty by solving all the customers’ querries on the go.

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