Mobile App based Loan Origination Solution

Mobile app based loan origination solution to achieve paperless operation for Housing Finance & NBFCs.

Lead Management App

Manage and Nurture Leads

  • Assign and Monitor

    Auto assign or Team Leader manually assigns for clear ownership of every lead so no potential customer is missed out.

  • Create, Follow up and Qualify

    Empower on-field loan officer to create, act on the leads and qualify them as potential customers.

  • Auto Reminders

    Follow-up is critical — set and get auto reminders to enhance performance of loan officer.

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Login File App

Go Paperless

  • Customer Verification

    Verify customer’s identity by Aadhaar eKYC using Biometrics / IRIS / Mobile No & OTP or by PAN No.

  • Collect Processing Fee

    Empower on-field loan officer to collect processing fee via multiple payment option.

  • Generate Real Time Loan Application Form

    Simple and Gamified experience for filling the entire loan application form using the Mobile App.

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Credit PD App


  • Quick PD / Detailed PD

    Conduct Quick PD or Detailed PD as per your company’s workflow process & preference.

  • Capture Video Recording / Profile based Question

    Capture video recording of every PD and/or create different profile question set and ask profile based questions to the customer for better insights.

  • Generate Real Time CAM Sheet

    Forget the hassle of maintaining eligibility calculations in multiple branches. Centralize your PD process and collate CAM Sheet real time in one place.

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Credit Approval App


  • View Documents

    See CAM Sheet, CIBIL Reports, KYC Proofs, PD Video Recordings, FI / Legal / Technical Reports.

  • Case History

    Entire case history from login file to PD done by various departments along with their recommendations.

  • Take Decision

    Sanction Loan / Enhance Loan Limit / Process Additional Disbursement all at your fingertips.

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Credility Benefits

Features designed to increase team productivity and effectiveness

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Keep your data safe

All our apps goes through rigorous Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) before make the applications live

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Works with your existing stack

Platform agnostic, Credility can be integrated with any core lending system and work seamlessly for faster and better user experience

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Power your entire organization

Get the added flexibility and admin controls you need to use Credility across the company. Easily manage multiple separate user roles and login

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