Stationery Management Solution

Optimize cost by managing requirements and tracking of stationery movement from branch, head office and vendor

GoCollect App Solution
  • Track your requested stationery stage

    Track the stages on which currently the your request is, whether approved or put on hold by head office or vendor

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  • Control unnecessary request of stationery from branches

    Control the number of unnecessary request of stationery from branches to head office through monitoring current stock & ordered stocks

  • Reconcile accounts & payment with the stationery vendor

    No ambiguity while reconciling vendor invoices. Difficult for vendor to knowingly / unknowingly over invoice or double invoice.

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Stationery Management Benefits

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Create a standardize process of maintaining stationery in your organization

Our Courier Management Solution helps you to create a standardize process in your organization for managing stationaries

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Transparent Insight

Get insight on the total number of stationery used by each branch

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