Verification Management Solution by Credility

Optimize cost by managing and reconciliation of third party vendors for activities like FI, Legal & Technical verification

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Field investigation, Legal & Technical Verification Management through CREDILITY

Manage multiple Vendors with Pre-defined activates, Cost & TAT

  • Vendor Profiling

    Create vendor accounts with vendor company info, bank & tax details and necessary documents.

  • Create & Link Activities

    Create multiple activities and link it to specific vendor.

  • Vendor-Activity Cost & Tat Matrix

    Create cost and TAT matrix for each vendor and it’s activity based on 1st time / 2nd time assignment and geo limit.

Avoid multiple assignment of Activities

  • Avoid multiple assignment of same activity of the same customer’s loan no to same / other vendor

Get desired format reports as per the company’s policy and standard.

  • We understand the importance of report formatting, thus we allow vendors to use the desired report format when it comes to reporting.

Easy to reconcile invoices raised by the vendor

  • Avoid multiple payments for same activity with same loan no to the same vendor with proper track of each invoice.

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